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FAQ for Charities, Fundraisers and Nonprofit Organizations

Last Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:28PM PDT

Q: I'd like to use your site to raise money for my cause. Do I have to be a registered charity?

A: You can be a registered charity, a not-for-profit or an individual. Only registered charities with a BIN# can issue tax receipts for their donors.


Q: So, can I raise money as an individual?

A: Yes. To raise money for your cause (a school, a project, a sports team etc.) simply set up a free user profile and get started!


 Q: What are the fees associated with being on

A: Having your own charity page on is free - you only incur fees when a financial donation is made to your cause. When a financial transaction occurs on your page, 15% is automatically paid to This fee covers marketing, promotion and hosting of your charity page and is only paid when you are making money. We are obliged to charge 5% GST on the fee so the total fee including GST is 15.75%


 Q: Do you collect our financial information?

A: No. does not store any payment information. All payment details are stored securely on Stripe's servers.


Q: Why Stripe? Are there Stripe fees?

A: Stripe is an online payment processor that makes it incredibly easy to start accepting payments directly through your charitytoday. There’s no sign up and no monthly minimum transaction amount.
When a transaction occurs via your charity page, there is a Stripe
credit card processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction that goes directly to Stripe.
Here are some of the benefits of Stripe:

  • Securely accept donations

  • Funds deposited into bank account on a seven-day rolling basis

  • No multiple third-party vendors to deal with

  • Strong customer support

  • More representative credit card statements (ie. DONATION TO YOUR ORGANIZATION)

  • Keep the user on your page and maintain the site experience


 Q: How do I receive payment?

A: Stripe initiates a daily electronic deposit of the net payment into your bank account for any activity from seven days earlier. For example, you'll receive the funds for your March 1st charges on March 8th, and you'll receive the funds for your March 2nd charges on March 9th. Stripe provides a real-time list of all your transfers, as well as the date they are scheduled to be received in your bank account.


 Q: I’m already very busy, will this just be more work for me?

A: No. In fact this is a very efficient way to fundraise. You're asking your donors/supporters to help by selling and buyingevery day actions they’re doing anyway! We support all sellers to present their items in the best possible light. Check out our Quick Tips for Sellers!


Q: Can I link to my charity or non-profit website?

A: Absolutely! You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, Blog or website to your profile. We also provide built-in blogging functionality and every ad posted on your behalf is likeable and shareable via several social media platforms.


 Q: Can I brand my charity or non-profit page with my logo and messaging?

A: Yes. We know how important it is for you to have control over your branding. Each charity page has a unique URL and you can upload multiple images, logos and messaging.


Q: What about tax receipts?

A: There are 2 receipting options available to you:

1. If you’re a registered charity, we can auto-generate Canada Revenue tax receipts on your behalf. We will require an electronic signature from an authorized representative in your organization, a logo as well as a specific receipting sequence. You receive all of the donor contact information and we send you quarterly and annual breakdown of receipt transactions. If you choose this option, one of our representatives will contact you when you register your charity on the site.

2. You will always be given full contact information of all donors and have the option to collect that information and issue your tax receipts as per usual from your organization's office. A donor, when donating cash or an item, is given the option to request a receipt; if they request a receipt they must fill out a donor information field that is then emailed directly to the charity and is associated with the individual's transaction. It is then up to the charity to manage the issuing of receipts directly to the donor.


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